Motorola may have won the ‘First to Lollipop’ prize with the new Moto X

November 18th, 2014 | Edited by | software


Happy day, Android users! And if you’re currently sporting the second-generation Moto X, you’re in for a treat. Motorola said it would deploy Android Lollipop quickly, and boy, did it deliver.


Motorola has apparently not only has begun its soak test for Lollipop for the new Moto X, but it’s already put up arelease notes page for the update with a complete change log of what’s in the software package. We’ve yet to receive an indication of a Lollipop update on our Moto X unit, however.
Why this matters: It’s not the biggest news to happen on a late Friday afternoon, but if the software update is pushed live over the weekend it means that Motorola technically beat Google to the Android 5.0 update punch. While the Nexus 9 tablet ships with Lollipop, no other devices with prior Android versions have been updated yet—not even the Nexus 5 and 7!